Meet Abdulwahab Sponsored University Student

It is a privilege to introduce one of our incredible sponsored University students, Abdulwahab. He Is 20 years-old and resides in The Middle Belt of Nigeria. He was admitted to the university in his state and is completing his first level of school in physical and health education sponsored by the Ema4Kids Legacy Foundation project funded by WERI.

Abdulwahab sponsored university student

In April of 2014, during a violent attack, that arose from the protracted conflict at his village the family home was burnt to the ground. Shortly there after, Abdulwahab's father, presumably died from a heart attack, leaving twenty children fatherless and four widowed wives. Due to the size of his family and lack of financial support, Abdulwahab's situation left him in dire need of funding for shelter, food, health care and education.

Following his father's death, many of the children were sent to various relatives to live because their mothers lacked the resources to care for them. Abdulwahab moved in with his 80-year-old widowed grandmother, Ndah who takes care of him but unable to pay for his school fees. His uncle also helps support his grandmother though he has a large family to take care of, which makes it difficult to help as much as he would like.

Humble and committed to his studies, Abdulwahab is an excellent student and received high scores on the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam. His goal had been to study medicine although, due to the level of competition, and he did not have someone to advocate for him as an orphan, he was assigned his fourth choice, physical and health education by the university.

However, after meeting various key faculty members from the university, Ema4Kids Legacy Foundation was promised that if Abdulwahab studied diligently for the placement exam in 2018 and improved his scores, he would be given a chance to apply for the medical department. Furthermore, the university offered to support and encourage him along the way no matter what studies he chose to pursue.

We are very excited about this possibility for Abdulwahab and support him for his continued success.

Abdulwahab with Ema4Kids Legacy Foundation leaders and key faculty from the university

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