Educational & Skills Acquisition Support for Orphaned & Vulnerable Youth Project in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

funded by Worldwide Education & Research Institute (WERI)

The orphaned and vulnerable youth for this project supported by Ema4Kinds Legacy Foundation comprises both females and males between the ages of 14 and 22 who are both Christian and Muslim and who are either head of house holds and living with poverty-stricken grandparents/ guardians. The targeted youth are those who have demonstrated a commitment and passion for excelling in the learning process whether it is formal education or skill acquisitions, e.g. shoe making, tailoring, mechanics etc.


The goal of this project is to support these youth through the educational or skills acquisition learning process to help them become viable members of their communities and positive agents of change. Furthermore, to support, fortify and to empower them against exploitation rooted in violent extremism and human trafficking. While the proposal for the project, only covers funding for eight youth, for one year, the project director will continue sourcing for funding to support these youth until they have graduated from university or completed vocational training that will prepare them to develop careers and start businesses. 

 Empowering Youth

   Mentoring for change  

      Awareness building