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Educational- Skills Acquisition Support for Orphaned - Vulnerable Youth Project in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria​

Nigeria has an estimated 18.5 million orphan and vulnerable children due to protracted conflict; the appalling effects of poverty; and HIV/AIDS. These children are less likely to attend schools, more likely be stigmatized, and easily trafficked and exploited by violent extremists. The project is a pilot project that will provide grants for basic needs, secondary education, skills acquisition training and tertiary education along with needed supplies for eight (8) orphan and or vulnerable youth from Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

There are multiple ways to contribute. Connect and get involved in supporting orphan and vulnerable youth. By starting a partnership with your local school, church or club to provide educational, shelter or small businesses grants or sponsor various small projects that enhance the livelihoods of orphaned and vulnerable youth.


 Ema4Kids Legacy Foundation operates in communities affected by poverty and conflict to support and fortify orphaned and vulnerable youths against exploitation rooted in violent extremism and human trafficking.